mercredi 23 juin 2010

Various - Songs That Bind The Spirits (2007)

I lost my best friend Patrick S. (Alias Vardhlokr) In november 2006. A various artist (Songs That Bind The Spirits) was made by his girlfriend & his brother. Until this day, they sell this double CD & give the money to the AIRSS association (AIRSS - 3 rue des Tisserands 38240 Meylan). This is an extract from this various artist.

Track list :
1.Phronèsis - Song for Vardhlokr
2.Hypnoise - Song for Vardhlokr
3.Anaxagor - Experience I
4.Vardhlokr - Eteindre les flammes jusqu'a ce que vie sans suive

Enjoy it !!

You can buy the complete album to the following contact :
Nathalie Delannoy, Puebla records-20 rue de puebla-59000 Lille (France)

samedi 19 juin 2010

Kaimox Vizu - Temps Forts D'un Esprit Egaré (1998)

And one more Kaimox Vizu Album !! This is the third one. Enjoy it !!!! The sound is Dark, Martial and experimental.

lundi 14 juin 2010

Kaimox Vizu - Au Coeur De L'Apocalypse (1991-1993)

Well... This is the Really first Kaimox Vizu product ! This record was made on a stereo tape recorder without mix.
ENJOY .............

mercredi 9 juin 2010

Hypnoise - Rarities (2002)

This is some rarities that I have just found in an old suitcase ! lol
Enjoy !!
Track list :
Hypnoise -1. Japonese dreams
Hypnoise -2. Untitled
Hypnoise -3. Untitled II
Hypnoise -4.Untitled III
Hypnoise -5. evolution
Hypnoise -6. Untitled IV
Hypnoise -7. strange things
Hypnoise -8. So Dark

jeudi 3 juin 2010

Cycklo Inferno (2004)

This demo was made in april 2004 in Five days ! I have just mix some samples in a small program. It was a funny experience ! My son Leo participed to this project (I asked him to play with the sequencor and he simply did with a lot of fun ! I was 7)
Enjoy !!

mercredi 2 juin 2010


My first various artist's participation (Kaimox vizu : Allée simple). This unrealesed track was composed with Claudio (Alias Blixxa). I didn't know others artists except "tales from the trees" & "matieres et memoires" who had played in a small festival with us (four à chaux de tournai 6th of may 2000).

Enjoy !!!!