lundi 16 août 2010

Soundsketchbook - Demo 2008.

soundsketchbook is an ongoing sound-mailart project between missesfree and other international soundartists. I made these three tracks between january and march 2008.
All tracks was composed step by step with electro-acoustic sounds and some effects too.
A really interesting experience in fact !
Enjoy ...........

mercredi 4 août 2010

Yyesod9 - Live at home part II 13th March 2009.

The second part of live at home from Yyesod9 ! don't forget that is a live recording so there is mistakes and no mixing ! this is pure improvisation !
Yyesod9 was for this live recording : Laurent T, Nicolas V & I.

Yyesod9 - Live at home Part I

This is the very first Yyesod9 rehearsal. The rehearsal was recorded so .... Enjoy this improvisation !!
PS : tracks is one famous cover well known .....;-)

dimanche 1 août 2010

Kaimox Vizu - Instructions Empiriques (2000)

Back in 2000 with my first industrial project Kaimox Vizu. Only 10 copies were done for this CDR !! Some of those tracks were played live to the "four a chaux" in Tournai the same year.

Enjoy ...........