dimanche 31 octobre 2010

Kanashii Gan'Gu - Live at Home (30th of october 2010).

Nicolas & I are currently working on our future live at the "Hectolitre". This is a live demo recorded today ! enjoy it !!
Please, don't hesitate to leave us some comments !!


jeudi 21 octobre 2010

Kanashii Gan'Gu - Dubstep (meloxylo live version 2010.10.21)

I have just recorded this evening this alternative version of "DUBSTEP". I used my melodica and a xylophone on electronics melodies. Kanashii Gan'Gu is currently working on his coming live at "L'Hectolitre" (13th November) to BXL.

ENJOY this version !!!!

vendredi 8 octobre 2010

Kanashii Gan'Gu - Neptune (live impro 8th october 2010)

Well... I have just finished a new live improvisation. The track's name is : NEPTUNE.

16 minutes of hypnotic music !!!!!!! ENJOY