mardi 27 juillet 2010

Hypnoise - Artaud Fact (2003)

2003 !! A good millesime for music !! This year, I composed those 5 tracks album (ARTAUD FACT) dedicated of course to the weird and amazing Antonin Artaud. Between electronica, experimental, ambient & electro-acoustic.

Enjoy it !!

jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Hypnoise Vs Oblivore - Demo November 2008

I met Evan F. W. from Oblivore (USA) on the web with myspace. After discuss about music, we decided to make some tracks together. This is the first 3 tracks we did. I really enjoyed this collaboration.

Enjoy !!!!!

Track list :

1. Dubby

samedi 17 juillet 2010

Phronèsis - Marche Funèbre (2009).

And one more demo ! This is one 18 minutes track recorded in one day ! title is : Marche Funèbre.

Enjoy it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dimanche 11 juillet 2010

Kaimox Vizu - An American Story (2009)

This is the last Kaimox Vizu's production. It was composed with old & new material.
Track list :
1. Les Antilles Electroniques.
2. An American Story.
3. Mouvement.
4. Untitled.
5. Something is Going To Happen.
6. Tribal IV.
7. A Day.
8. Flotation.
9. Monoxyde.

Sorry, but there is no cover for this one. If someone is interested in realize it, feel free to contact me !

jeudi 8 juillet 2010

Yyesod9 Informations

Yyesod9 is currently working on several new tracks. I hope that a set of tracks will be ready for september ! I also look for someone who can be interested by the yyesod visual project ?. So, every live performances proposition are welcome !
I will post on this blog some extracts as soon as the first Five new tracks are done.

mardi 6 juillet 2010

Vardhlokr - du principe de disharmonie préetablie (2005)

Vardhlokr (alias Pat) was my best friend but also a good musician !! Unfortunatly, he left us too late ! this is the reason why I decided to share a part of his work with you.
This is the major Vardhlokr composition ! between ambient, acoustic, noise & melody.
Enjoy it !!!!!!